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Canada Goose

What's that bird?

Here's a puzzle for you.
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this bird?


All meetings and events are suspended until September when the situation will be reviewed again.

Any money paid in advance for coach trips prior to September will be refunded or you can transfer it to future coach trips, whichever you decide.

This year's 4 day holiday to Somerset has been re-arranged for 9 to 12 May 2021. If you have paid a deposit you can transfer it to the new date or request a full refund.

Please contact the Group Treasurer for refunds. Contact details are on the 'About Us' page.

The Group's summer newsletter is an on-line edition only. You can download a copy from the 'Newsletters' page.

During these difficult times why not keep a record of the birds visiting your garden. We would be interested to know what you see. You can send us your records by email.

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